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Audit ISO27001

Thanks to a manual inspection by experts and automatically via specialized software, Hack & Securetakes a Professional Ethical hacking and integral to any technology platform.

Hack & Secure, seeks to prepare your organization to present an external audit in ISO27001 or implement best practices, validated and implemented controls and strengthen them.

Wireless Test

Wireless testing to wireless networks, seek to identify vulnerabilities that jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information in your organization.

Talks Information Security

Using real examples of hacking and scenarios raised by Hack & Secure, participants in the talks, will interact with expert speakers in security, assertively capturing information and raising awareness of it.

VIP Protection

VIP protection service, seeks to ensure the confidentiality of information of senior executives, as well as deleting and safe storage, the implementation of tools and software for securing digital devices.

Reputation Control

Intelligently manage and secure their presence on the Web, Deep Web and social networks, know what, when, where and who talks about you on the net and implement controls to improve, sustain or position your name or company.

Fraud and Bullying Investigation

Hack & Secure through highly trained in physical and digital research staff will help you and your organization, identify and prevent fraud embodiments and find the source of fraud or bullying done.

Information Retrieval

The information retrieval service, allowing you to quickly and promptly retrieve as many deleted files from accidental or malicious to your storage devices.


Hack&Secure protect their technology platforms, through international standards and built by our own experience templates, we guarantee that your servers, databases and applications are configured correctly and safely.


Our team of experts in databases, will be willing to lend its expertise to the installation, implementation, maintenance, design and configuration of its databases or security tools.

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